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MB „Blue Oceans PR“

What We’re Building

Blue Oceans PR is a digital PR agency. We focus on getting our clients into A-List international media and we are doing it at a very high success rate. Our clients appear in Financial Times, Bloomberg, BBC, Forbes, and other relevant media because of the interesting content we create together with our clients. We are also big on helping environmental organizations and as such - we do a lot of pro-bono PR work to contribute in making an impact.

We are a young agency, which is steadily growing our team while picking up some of the most exciting projects in the region and internationally. We work with a wide range of verticals- Innovative Tech, Fintech, GovTech, Tourism, Healthcare, Education, and more. The way forward for our agency will be paved with our need to deliver on our promises to our clients because - delivering valuable content and reaching set targets - it’s not enough to aim, you must hit.

We are looking for someone, who wants to foster and grow a unique skill set while learning from highly skilled professionals with a unique set of international communications, public relations, and digital marketing experience.

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