Terms of use

Application and Interpretation of Rules:

  1. These Rules (hereinafter - the Rules) establish the main conditions for the use of the Internet portal Cvbankas.lt (hereinafter - the Portal). The Portal shall be managed and administered by UAB Diginet LTU (hereinafter – We or the Portal Owner), legal entity code 126222639, address Saltoniškių g. 9B, Vilnius, VAT number LT262226314, email address: info@cvbankas.lt
  2. The Rules mean a contract concluded between you (hereinafter - You or the User) and the Portal Owner regarding the use of the Portal. Please read the Rules before taking any significant steps on the Portal. The Portal Owner will consider that by using the Portal you are familiar with the Rules, agree with them and undertake to comply with them unconditionally and irrevocably. If You do not agree with the Rules, do not use the Portal.
  3. Use of the Portal within the meaning of these Rules shall include all the actions performed and might be performed on the Portal. Services (hereinafter - Services) within the meaning of the Rules shall include all the actions that You may perform on the Portal, including, but not limited to, publication of advertisements, access to advertisements posted on the Portal and other information, and submission, sending and receiving questions, and any information and/or data.
  4. Registration on the Portal is free of charge When searching for job ads or employees, all available features of the Portal can be used free of charge. All paid Portal features shall be activated only after payment for the Services, unless You and the Portal Owner agree otherwise. If the Portal Owner offers to test the Services free, the fee for these Services will not be charged even if You subsequently decide not to buy the paid Services.
  5. Some of the Services on the Portal shall be provided for remuneration (hereinafter - Paid Services). Paid Services, their cost and order, and other terms and conditions shall be provided on the Portal, as well as in the order form of specific Paid Services. The reference to “Services” in these Terms and Conditions will cover all Services, including Paid Services, and the reference to “Paid Services” will cover only those Services for which a fee is paid.
  6. For the regulation of relations between You and the Portal Owner, in addition to these Rules, the provisions of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, special conditions and rules provided in the Portal, as well as established good business practice shall apply. The Portal Owner may unilaterally amend the Rules, terms and conditions of registration, the Portal, the Services provided therein and their taxation.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Users can place, search and view ads related to job offers or job search on the Portal, other information, such as CVs, etc. (hereinafter – the Advertisement (Ad)) and to use other Services. In addition to the Ads, the Portal may also contain other information of the Portal Owner and/or third parties, among others there can be the Competitors of the User.
  2. The Portal Owner shall act as an operator of the Advertisement page, that is, it shall only provide technical tools for placing of information on the Portal. The Portal Owner shall not be involved in employee finding and recruiting or other procedures dealing with published Advertisements. The Portal Owner is not an agent, representative, intermediary, etc. of any persons. Publication of the Advertisement shall be considered an offer of the person who has published it, but not the Advertisement of the Portal Owner.
  3. When using the Portal and/or the Services, and accepting the offers contained in the Advertisements, The User shall act independently and shall be responsible for all consequences and obligations arising from such actions and his/her behaviour.
  4. All notices and information will be sent by electronic means to the User and the Portal Owner: to the Portal Owner - to the addresses specified in these Rules or the Portal, to the User - to the addresses specified when entering the Advertising information and/or on the registration account, unless otherwise stated in the Rules.
  5. All intellectual property rights to the Portal and its entire content, including the exclusive right to use the Portal and its content, including copyrights, trademarks, design, names, logos, trade names, know-how, commercial and industrial secrets shall be owned by the Portal Owner, or legally used by the Portal Owner.
  6. Any processing, copying, decompilation, encryption, reprogramming, transfer, redirection and/or other use of the content and design of the Portal by the User and/or third parties without the written consent of the Portal Owner, and/or in violation of the Rules, shall be considered as the infringement of intellectual property and other rights punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. This limitation shall not be applicable to Users in respect of their Advertisement, as far as it relates to a specific Advertisement of the User, and when the User’s actions shall not reasonably alter or damage the operation of the Portal, and the Services provided by the Portal Owner.
  7. The User agrees that the Portal Owner shall have the right to use the information of the Advertisements for advertising the Portal. The User agrees that his/her Ads and other content provided on the User Portal, including any intellectual property, will become part of the Portal database and will be stored by the Portal Owner and/or its authorized agents, and used indefinitely in the manner set forth in the laws, unless otherwise provided in these Rules. Neither the Portal Owner, nor any other third party using the Advertisements and/or other content published by the User will be obliged to pay the User any copyright or other remuneration for the use of such content.
  8. By using the Portal or Services and/or providing, entering or otherwise transferring any information or data to the Portal, the User shall grant, free of charge, the following exclusive rights to the Portal Owner for an indefinite period of time and in the unlimited territory, to such works, information and/or data:
    1. he right to reproduce, publish, make publicly available and distribute in any form or manner through sale, rental, lending or other transfer of ownership;
    2. the right to modify or adapt, create derivative works from information provided by the User;
    3. the right to use the information provided, free of charge, in any way, for any purposes and in any form.

Rights and Obligations of Users:

  1. Both registered and non-registered Users may use the Portal. Some Services shall be available only to registered Users. User registration (hereinafter - Registration) shall be carried out by entering data of the User (hereinafter - Login data) into the Registration Form available on the Portal or by other means indicated on the Portal (via social networking, etc.). Registration instructions shall be provided in the Registration Form.
  2. Each User undertakes:
    1. to submit the correct address of his/her email, phone number, other contact information if it is required for use of the Portal and/or Services, including Registration on the Portal;
    2. not to use the Portal and/or Services for the purpose of illegal actions or transactions or fraud, or to perform actions that could harm any person, their property or legitimate interests;
    3. not to use the Portal and/or any of its contents (Advertisements, other information) to perform and develop activities that compete with the Portal and/or the Portal Owner, including advertising that includes third parties, directly or indirectly, competing with the Portal Owner, or the goods and/or services of such persons, as well as references to such persons and/or their products. The competitors of the Portal Owner shall be considered any person who create, develops, manages or administers websites related to job advertisements, as well as persons related to such direct competitors. The Portal Owner shall have the right to indicate to the User its competitors (including the User himself) and such persons will be considered competitors of the Portal Owner within the meaning of this provision;
    4. to provide objective, fair, comprehensive and detailed information about his/her proposals (i.e. the information must adequately describe the job offers, their terms and conditions, etc.);
    5. to ensure that all information provided by the User, including Ads:
      1. is not misleading, offensive, deceptive or unfair, nor is it contrary to public policy and good morals;
      2. does not violate legal requirements (including legislation governing the rights of employees, advertising or competition), as well as third party property or personal rights;
      3. does not contain any viruses or other computer programs or files that may interfere with the normal operation of the Portal, cause damage to other Users or their property, limit the ability of the Portal Owner to provide the Services properly, and/or other persons’ access to the Portal and/or Services.
    6. not to collect, store, transfer to other media, make publicly available, publish or distribute the data of the Portal Users or data about any actions of the Users of the Portal, including data on the proposed and/or searched jobs, and terms and conditions related thereto, etc.;
    7. do not copy the content of the Portal (unless this is permitted by the Rues and/or Services/products offered on the Portal), do not remove the authors or trademarks from any copy of the content of the Portal; do not to create an electronic or manual database based on the content of the Portal, do not to place the content of the Portal on other websites, and do not alter the content of the document downloaded from the Portal;
    8. do not use any automated tools, including, but not limited to, additional computer hardware and/or software for data viewing and/or storing, creating and editing information on the Ads and other information contained on the Portal, and do not use any means to process the content and/or design of the Portal, and/or Services (including placement of Advertisements), to copy, decompile, encrypt, re-program, move, redirect them otherwise than allowed by the standard functionality of the Portal, unless other procedure for use of the Website and/or Services would be agreed with the User in writing in advance.
  3. A registered User also undertakes:
    1. to provide correct and complete information about himself/herself. It shall be forbidden to perform Registration using the data of other persons;
    2. to store the Login data, in the event of its change, update it in a timely manner, not to pass it to unauthorized third parties, and to inform immediately the Portal Owner about the loss of such data. The User shall be responsible for any actions of third parties if they have been made using the login data of the User, and any consequences arising therefrom;
    3. to notify immediately the Portal Owner of any unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized use of login data. The Portal Owner will endeavour to prevent further unauthorized use of the login data but it shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the User or third parties, or inconvenience caused by disclosure, theft or unauthorized use of the login data.
  4. The User agrees that data provided by the User after the Registration on the Portal, which is marked as public, will be accessible to other Users, and that the Portal Owner shall not be responsible for the use of such data.
  5. By using any Service, the User confirms that he/she:
    1. is a natural person having full legal capacity and authority to submit Advertisements and to conduct transactions related to the Advertisements;
    2. shall properly perform the duties specified in the Rules;
    3. understands and agrees that upon the consent of the User with these Rules only such legal relations between the User and the Portal Owner that are directly and explicitly specified in the Rules are created;
    4. understands and agrees that if the login data becomes known to third parties, such third parties may assume obligations that will become binding on the User and undertake to assume and properly execute such obligations, and the Portal Owner shall have no other obligation than verification of the login data and of the User’s identity. The Portal Owner will not be liable for any damage caused to the User and/or third parties due to the fact that the User has provided incorrect and/or incomplete data, or has not changed or supplemented the data upon their change;
    5. understands and agrees that the Portal Owner shall handle and manage the User's personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Rules.

For Job Seekers:

  1. You agree that when registering on the Portal, also using the Portal with the purpose of seeking job offers and/or offering your candidacy to employers, the data provided with regard to job search will be visible or partially visible to registered Portal Users looking for employees.
  2. You will have the option of deleting your data or making it inaccessible to employers by choosing the appropriate status of your CV. You can also edit, add and remove your data at any time.
  3. You shall assume responsibility for the information provided, which must correspond to reality, and accept responsibility for any damage and loss that may result from the submission of false information.
  4. Your data will not be made available to parties that are not related to the provision of Portal Services.
  5. In order to provide only correct and clear information to employers, your data may be verified by the representatives of the Portal Owner before submitting them to employers.
  6. The Portal Owner shall have the right to collect, store, edit, manage and transfer the data provided to employers and to use them for the needs of employers related to employee search. The Portal Owner shall have the right to delete data that does not correspond to reality or that is improperly filled in, as well as to delete his/her CV due to inappropriate actions of the employers, the system or the provision of Services in relation to the parties, which may cause property or non-property damage to said parties.
  7. The Portal Owner shall not be responsible for any damage that might result from the offers, promises or other employment related actions of the companies registered on the Portal and searching for employees.
  8. The Portal Owner shall not be obliged to employ You. Third parties, i.e. employers using Portal Services, shall provide job offers.

Application and Interpretation of Rules:

  1. By registering on the Portal, also using the Portal for the purpose of providing job offers and/or offering employment, You, as an employer or its representative, confirm that have the authority to represent the company and agree to these Rules, and the details of the company contained in your registration form are true, accurate and complete.
  2. The registered company shall become a manager of its login data. The company shall ensure security for its login data and shall be fully responsible for the actions performed by the persons who have signed up for the Portal on its behalf.
  3. Upon registration of the company, You may receive commercial and other offers of the Portal Owner from portals and projects Autoplius.lt, Aruodas.lt, NTzemelapis.lt, Paslaugos.lt, Kainos.lt., and Skelbiu.lt. You shall have the right to refuse such offers by informing the Portal Owner thereof.
  4. You must place the Ads in the order specified in the Rules and/or the Advertisement Placement Form, and/or elsewhere on the Portal. By placing an Advertisement, You shall assume full responsibility for compliance of its content with the Terms and Conditions of the Rules and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. By submitting the data in the Advertisement, You confirm and warrant that the information provided is true, accurate and complete.
  5. When placing an Advertisement, including its editing and updating, etc., You must publish it in thematic areas corresponding to its content, do not enter text in capital letters in the Advertisement, do not publish meaningless Ads or Ads with meaningless sequences of symbols and/or words.
  6. When placing Ads or using the Portal Database, You must provide the candidates with correct information about the proposed work, including information about the activities of the company, nature of work, the requirements for candidates, proposals for candidates, and contact information.
  7. The Law on Equal Opportunities prohibits from giving priority to candidates in Job Advertisements or to discriminate them on various grounds of discrimination set forth in the Law on Equal Opportunities (gender, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, belief, convictions or views, age, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic addictions, religions), therefore You undertake to place only the Ads not violating this law.
  8. It shall not be allowed to publish on the Portal Advertisements that contradict the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as erotic advertisements or job advertisements otherwise contradicting the established moral norms.
  9. Only one Advertisement can be published per one job offer. When publishing two or more similar Ads, their descriptions must clearly show the difference between the different positions offered. It shall be forbidden to use one Ad to search for 2 (two) or more employees of different positions. It shall be forbidden to change the post during the validity of the Ad. Job title corrections shall only be permitted when the position of the employee is not changed substantially after the correction. During the renewal of the invalid Advertisement (published more than 30 days ago), the change of job title shall not be restricted.
  10. If employees for the same position are searched in different cities, job offers for each city must be published in separate Advertisements. Only the city where the workplace is located shall be indicated in the Ad.
  11. When You place an Advertisement, You must indicate a contact email only in the appropriate field. It shall be forbidden to indicate in the Advertisement any other form of candidacy than the application through the Portal System. It shall be forbidden to include contact data in the fields not provided for that purpose. If You want to apply for a position, click on the “Send CV” button at the bottom of each ad.
  12. You may place up to 10 (ten) Ads per reporting month when your acquire one month or longer period Ads publication service. If You do not use the limited number of Ads, it shall not be updated and/ or used during the next period. If You have entered into a service agreement with the Portal Owner that specifies the next month’s ad limit, You must follow the limit indicated in the agreement.
  13. You may use the Portal for searching the employees only for your company or its branches. You must use the personal data of candidates without prejudice to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, and solely for the purpose of recruitment of candidates. It shall not be allowed to provide information about the candidates obtained on the Portal to third parties without the separate consent of the Portal Owner, if not required by law.
  14. You agree to indemnify for any damage incurred by the Portal Owner or Users due to Your fault.

Rights and Obligations of the Portal Owner:

  1. The Portal Owner shall have the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to remove the User’s Ads from the Portal or any other information provided by the User, or to render the Ads (Information) invisible, as well as to cancel the User’s Registration; block, correct or edit the User’s Ads and information (data); restrict or terminate the User's right or access to the Portal if, in the opinion of the Portal Owner, the User:
    1. violates these Rules or fails to comply with its obligations provided for in these Rules as well as in legal acts;
    2. has provided incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete and/or misleading information by registering or using the Portal and/or Services;
    3. knowingly and intentionally disseminates false or misleading information on the Portal, insults other persons or in the opinion of the Portal Owner otherwise behaves inappropriately;
    4. in the opinion of the Portal Owner, this is required by maintenance and/or Portal renewal works;
    5. it is requested by the competent authorities or is required in the cases provided for by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
    6. the Portal Owner suspects that the User has caused or may pose a security threat to other Users when using the Services;
    7. when using the Services and/or the Portal, the User causes damage to the Portal Owner, including, but not limited to, the good name and/or reputation of the Portal Owner, or this is required in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Portal Owner or third parties;
    8. in the opinion of the Portal Owner, the User registers and/or uses the Portal, and/or may use it to perform activities, directly or indirectly, competing with the Portal and/or the activity of the Portal Owner;
    9. in other cases specified in the Rules.
  2. The Portal Owner shall have the right to monitor the User’s actions on the Portal at any time, including the User Ads. However, this right shall not imply an obligation for the Portal Owner to inspect and/or remove third party Ads or other information. By using legal means, the Portal Owner shall have the right to investigate any violations of the Rules. The User shall be informed of the sanctions applied for violation of the Rules by e-mail specified by the User. The right of the Portal Owner to impose sanctions shall not release the User from liability for the compliance of the provided information with reality and legislation. In the event of violation of the Rules, additional ordered Services shall be cancelled and the money shall not be refunded.
  3. The Portal Owner shall have the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to change the Portal and/or the Services (their parts), to modify or reorganize the Ads to make the Portal more convenient to use, to change the functions of the Portal and any other information, including information provided by the User. The Portal Owner will not be held responsible for any negative consequences caused to the User by such and other similar actions.
  4. After the User has placed the Ad, as well as after has entered the data without placement the Ad (for example, after starting the placement actions of the Ad but not completing them, etc.), the Portal Owner shall have the right to send information notifications via e-mail and/or SMS related to the Ad and/or actions of the User (for example, information about inquiries on the Ad, statistics interest in the Ad, reviews, reminder that the Ad placement is incomplete, or similar information related to the Advertisement provided by the User). Notices to the User shall be sent throughout the period of validity of the Advertisement at the periodicity specified by the Portal Owner.
  5. The Portal Owner shall have the right, at any time and without notice, to terminate the activities of the Portal.
  6. The Portal Owner shall have the right to publish on the Portal, as well as alongside the Ad of the User, or together with the Ad, its own or third parties information and/or Advertisements, including persons competing with the User.
  7. The Portal Owner may, without a separate notification to the User, use third parties to perform any actions related to these Rules, as well as to transfer to third parties their rights and obligations arising from these Rules or part thereof, including but not limited to transfer of the Portal, Portal databases and/or any parts of the Portal, and/or the Services related to the Portal.

Paid Services:

  1. Depending on the nature and price, the Services may be paid by bank transfer, credit card via SMS or by any other method specified by the Portal Owner. The specific payment method shall be specified when ordering the Service. The User understands and agrees that the Paid Services may be provided only after the User pays to the Portal Owner for the Paid Services in the manner specified on the Portal. The Portal Owner shall have the right, at any time and unilaterally, to change the amount of the fee for any Paid Services and payment method. It shall be deemed that the User has paid for the Paid Service when the Portal Owner actually receives the User’s payment. Upon request of the User, the Portal Owner will provide an invoice to the User justifying the provision of such Services.
  2. Upon restriction or suspension of the ability of the User to use the Paid Services, or if the User fails to receive or fails to receive in due time the Paid Services for other reasons than the User’s breach of these Rules, and the cases referred to in item 7.3 of these Rules, as well as other cases when the exception is provided for in the Rules, at the request of the User, the Portal Owner undertakes to extend the provision of Paid Services to the User for the period when Paid Services were not provided, or to provide Paid Services, free of charge, similar to the Paid Services that were not rendered (if Paid Services are not of a continuous nature).
  3. The Portal Owner shall have the right to limit or terminate the provision of Services for an unlimited period during preventive maintenance. In this case, the User using Paid Services shall be informed about the beginning of the preventive maintenance by email and/or other notice no later than 1 (one) hour before the start of the works. In this case, the Portal Owner may, however shall not be obliged, to extend the provision of Paid Services to the User for the period during which Paid Services were not provided, or to provide, free of charge, Paid Services analogous to Paid Services that were not provided (if Paid Services are not of a continuous nature).
  4. Fees for Ads and other content that have been deleted and/or removed because the User has violated the provisions of these Rules shall not be refunded.

Personal Data:

  1. The Portal Owner shall have the right to handle and manage personal data (hereinafter - Personal Data) provided by the User - natural person or collected by the Portal Owner by other means during Registration or later when using the Portal in accordance with the procedure established in the Rules and for the purposes specified therein. The Portal Owner shall ensure the rights of the data subjects according to the Law on Legal protection of Personal Data and other normative acts regulating the processing of personal data.
  2. Personal data shall be processed for providing services to the Users (place the Advertisements, provide information about the sale of the respective property, and order particular services, etc.). User data shall also be processed in its registration and web-based Advertisement database management system, and for the purposes of direct marketing. The Portal Owner will collect and store Personal Data electronically and, if necessary, provide extracts of such Personal Data in other forms.
  3. The User shall provide his/her name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, as required. Personal Data shall be obtained directly from the User.
  4. When submitting Personal Data, the User:
    1. shall entitle the Portal Owner to manage and process Personal Data of the User to such extent and for such purposes as provided for in the Rules. The User shall have the right to revoke his/her permission for the Portal Owner to manage and process the User’s Personal Data at any time, as well as to request the termination of the processing and management of his/her Personal Data, the deletion of Personal Data and the deletion of the account. Consent to manage and process the User’s Personal Data shall not be retroactive;
    2. shall declare that he/she is providing his/her personal data on the Portal for free and agrees that his/her data will be stored and processed electronically in the Portal’s database for 2 (two) years after his/her last access to the system and upon expiry of this deadline, will be destroyed by a person authorized by the Portal Owner;
    3. agrees and acknowledges that he/she shall provide his/her contact details (telephone number, email address, etc.) and data about himself/herself in the Portal for third parties to access, view and copy these data (when the data is provided in the Ads as contact data).
  5. The Portal Owner when processing Personal Data:
    1. hall use Personal Data for the provision, development and personalization of the Services, as well as the submission of offers on the Services, the improvement of the functionality of the Portal, and for the submission of direct marketing offers;
    2. will not provide Personal Data to third parties and will not disclose them to third parties, except as provided in the Rules or in the cases provided by law;
    3. shall have the right to transfer Personal Data to persons administering debts of the User (e.g. debt collection companies), as well as to provide Personal Data to third parties engaged in collection and publication of debtors’ information, which in turn shall acquire the right to manage, process and publish such Personal Data.
  6. The Portal Owner shall handle for direct marketing purposes the following Personal Data of the User: name, email address, phone number.
  7. User data shall be processed for direct marketing purposes in accordance with the following rule:
    1. User data shall be collected and used for direct marketing only with the consent of the User. Users of the Portal may also give their consent to receive direct marketing offers from such portals as: Aruodas.lt, Ntzemelapis.lt, Skelbiu.lt, Autoplius.lt, Paslaugos.lt and Kainos.lt;
    2. User data processed for direct marketing purposes shall be stored in the Portal’s database for a maximum of 2 (two) years from the date of the last login to the User’s account;
    3. The Portal Owner shall obtain the consent to direct marketing: a) directly from Users upon their consent to receive direct marketing offers from the Portal Owner, and from Users who did not object to such processing of personal data at the time of data collection, b) from users of portals Aruodas.lt, Ntzemelapis. lt, Skelbiu ekliu.lt, Autoplius.lt, Paslaugos.lt and Kainos.lt., if they upon login to or use of these portals give their consent to receive direct marketing offers from the Portal;
    4. The Portal Owner may combine the available information about the User with the information available to third parties in order to submit interesting offers to the User, as well as offer new Services that may be relevant to the User.
  8. By granting the right to process data for direct marketing purposes, the User shall also grant permission to contact him/her by telephone, SMS, e-mail, newsletters with direct marketing offers.
  9. The Portal Owner having received Personal Data of the Users (name, surname, e-mail address), will use this data without the separate consent of the User and only for marketing his own similar goods or services. Upon receipt of such notice from the Portal Owner, the User may disagree with the further use of his/her data.
  10. The User may object to and reject the direct marketing offers in the following manner: by clicking on the relevant link in the newsletter or by sending an e-mail, informing the Portal Owner about the disagreement by email info@cvbankas.lt. The Portal Owner will endeavour to terminate the processing of the User data for the purpose of direct marketing as soon as possible, but not later than within 5 (five) business days.
  11. If the User provides data about himself/herself on social media platforms or other social networks (Facebook, etc.), it means that he/she gives consent to submit to him/her the offers of the Portal Owner via the contact phone and by email provided on theses platforms. He/she may refuse the offers in the manner prescribed by the Rules.
  12. When a User registers and logs into the system, the system will register the IP address of the User computer and the date and time of his/her login to the system.
  13. Having provided the Portal Owner with a document certifying his/her identity or having confirmed his/her identity in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts, or by electronic means of communication that allow the identification of the person, the User shall have the right to access his or her Personal Data and to find out how they are processed; to demand the destruction of his/her Personal Data or suspension, except for storage, of the processing operations of his/her Personal Data when the data is processed in violation of statutory provisions; and to refuse to allow further processing of his/her Personal Data.
  14. The User must submit written requests for the User’s Personal Data (including a notification by email indicated in the contacts on the Portal). The Portal Owner will reply to such inquiries of the User as soon as possible, but not later than within 30 (days) from the date of receipt of the inquiry and all necessary documents from the User. The answer shall be provided in a form acceptable to the User. The answer shall be provided to the User free of charge once per calendar year.
  15. The Portal Owner will not provide Personal Data if the User fails to confirm his/her identity, requests data about another person, as well as in other cases provided by law that restrict the disclosure of the data to the User.

Information Security Measures:

  1. The processing of User Data and protection against unauthorized intrusion or unlawful destruction of data shall be subject to necessary organizational and technical measures. However, taking into account that information on the User is sent via the Internet, the Portal Owner cannot guarantee or shall not guarantee total security of any information provided by the User, including Personal Data.
  2. The Portal Owner reminds that the User shall be responsible for the confidentiality of all login data and has to be careful when using or disclosing it. The Portal Owner recommends to completely log out of the browser having finished the job, especially when using a publicly accessible computer (for example, in an Internet cafe, library).
  3. The Portal Owner shall keep the Personal Data to the extent necessary to comply with the Rules and implement the indicated purposes. User data, including data collected for direct marketing purposes, shall be stored for a maximum of 2 (two) years from the day of log into the account or cancelation of the User Account. Correspondence with the User shall be stored for up to 1 (one) year from the date of the last correspondence. When the User updates the data (for example, when the User clarifies and changes the information in his/her account, etc.), only relevant User information shall be stored.

Cookies and their Use:

  1. The Portal Owner shall collect information about a person using cookies and/or web beacons. Cookies are small files that are temporarily stored on Your hard disk drive and allows recognizing You through other visits to the Portal, save Your personal browsing history, options, and customize content. Cookies mean common browsing practice on web pages that facilitate the use of the website.
  2. The Portal Owner shall use information obtained by cookies for the following purposes: for identification of registered Users in order to open their ordered content or Services, and to avoid re-registration for permanent Users of the Portal; for monitoring the usage habits of Users in order to provide the content relevant to the User and to improve the Portal according to the User’s wishes, and for the development of Services and targeted marketing orientation.
  3. Using cookies, the following information may be also collected: User’s IP address, browser type, demographic data, and, if the User arrived at the Portal from a third-party website, the URL of the page. The Portal Owner without violating the law may combine the information obtained using cookies with information about a person obtained by other means, e.g. information on the use of Services.
  4. The GIF file (clear gif) and action tags technologies may also be used on the Portal. They shall allow the Portal Owner to find out which person, while browsing the Portal, clicked on a page item (such as a link, picture, etc.). The data provided by the web beacons shall be anonymous and not related to personal information.
  5. Cookies can also be saved by a system that shows promotional ads on the Portal in which a particular user is interested. These cookies help to ensure that certain ads can be seen by the User at a given number of times and help measure the effectiveness of the campaign.
  6. The following cookies may be used on the Portal: technical cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the Portal; functional cookies that are not necessary on the Portal but significantly improve the quality of navigation and User experience; analytical cookies used to prepare statistical analysis of navigation methods used by the visitors of the Portal; the data collected by these cookies shall be used anonymously; targeted or promotional cookies used to display Services that might be of interest to the User; third-party cookies that allow the User to see the promotional panels with the reviewed items or other relevant offers. The Portal Owner shall not control these cookies and they shall be fully controlled by third parties; social network cookies necessary to use Portal Information in Your social profile account.
  7. Cookies used on the Portal:
    1. Cookies used by CVBANKAS.LT:
      Cookie Name of the cookie Purpose of data processing Moment of creation Term of validity Data used
      Put a checkmark in the “Remember Me” box cvb_remember_me_value Automatically put a checkmark on the “Remember Me” box When the user visits the page 100 days
      Remember a logged-in user cvb_remeberme User login to his/her account without entering his/her login name and password When the user logged in to the account 300 dienų Unique ID
      Remember user-saved ads cvb_saved_ads Show user-saved ads When the user remembers the ad 60 dienų Unique ID
      PHP session ID PHPSESSID Identify a user between page views When entering the page Before closing the page Unique ID
    2. Statistical cookies used by CVBANKAS.LT:
      Cookie Name of the cookie Term of validity
      apis.google.com NID 6 months
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      tpc.googlesyndication.com Gdyn 5 years
    3. Third parties that may use cookies in respect of the Customer for marketing and advertising purposes:
      Name of the cookie provider Activity of the cookie provider / Purpose of use More detailed information and cookie management
      „Lotame“ Monitoring, analysing, and summarising user advertising habits for the purpose of displaying advertisements https://www.lotame.com/privacy/
      Google „DoubleClick for Publishers“ Broadcasting solutions for advertising banners https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/cookies/
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  10. In some cases, cookies disabling, disagreeing to use cookies or their deleting may slow down the internet browsing speed, limit the functionality of certain Portal features and block access to the Portal (its parts).
  11. Using cookies, third parties may collect anonymous and personal user information for advertising purposes, as well as use session cookies and persistent cookies. The User will learn about third-party cookies in more detail by following the privacy policy of a specific third party. The Portal Owner shall not control the activities of third parties and shall not be responsible for the accuracy, update, completeness, compliance with legislation of the information of third parties. The User must show interest in the cookies used by third parties and the information they collect independently. The User may remove third party cookies according to the instructions provided by third parties.


  1. The User agrees that the Portal Owner shall not and will not be liable for:
    1. malfunctions of the Portal and/or Services caused not due to the fault of the Portal Owner and therefore shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the User and third parties;
    2. any damage and/or loss that the User may incur through the use of the Portal and/or Services, and by sending, publishing and transmitting in any other manner or making any information publicly available;
    3. for failure to provide Services or timely provide Services to the User due to the fault of third parties, including but not limited to the Internet, mobile communication providers, and e-mail service provider. If the User is unable to use Paid Services due to the fault of third parties, the fee for Paid Services shall not be refunded to the User;
    4. illegality, inconsistency, inaccuracy or incorrectness of the Advertisements and other information contained on the Portal (except for the information provided by the Portal Owner) resulting in negative consequences for the User or third parties.
  2. The Portal Owner shall be solely responsible for the technical placement on the Portal of the information provided in the Ad if the Ad meets all the requirements of the Rules and technical support of Portal database.
  3. The User understands and agrees that the Portal and/or Services shall be provided without any further confirmations or warranties by the Portal Owner that the Portal will operate and that the Services will be provided in a correct and timely manner, without disruption, qualitatively, within the intended volume, or that this will not cause negative consequences for the User and third parties.
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  5. The User undertakes to ensure that the Portal Owner shall have no legal liability, obligation to pay, indemnify or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or other expenses arising from the use of the Portal by the User and/or the Services
  6. If the Portal Owner cannot be released from liability, the Portal Owner's liability to the User or third parties arising from these Rules shall be limited to EUR 29 (twenty-nine euro). Limiting the amount of liability of the Portal Owner shall be related to the offered Service Price and the nature of the Services provided.
  7. The Portal Owner shall not be responsible for the possible consequences caused by the force majeure event that could not be anticipated or controlled.

Changing the Rules:

  1. The Portal Owner shall have the right to change the Rules unilaterally. The Portal Owner will notify the User of any changes to the Rules by publishing it on the Portal. Changes to the Rules will take effect from their publication on the Portal.
  2. By using the Services or the Portal after the changes to the Rules come into force, the User confirms that he/she has read such changes and fully agrees with them.
  3. Services ordered before the changes to the Rules shall be provided in such a manner and terms as established in the Rules valid at that time.

Final Provisions:

  1. The Rules shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. All disagreements between the Portal Owner and the User regarding execution of these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. If the parties fail to resolve the disputes by way of negotiation, such disputes shall be settled in court in the procedure established by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Disputes between the Portal Owner and the Users shall be resolved in the court where the Portal Owner is located.
  3. The User must first submit a written application and/or complaint regarding the Portal’s activities and Services to the Portal Owner and specify his/her demands. Such letters should be sent to info@cvbankas.lt. f the User disagrees with the response of the Portal Owner, he/she may apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, at www.vvtat.lt, or complete an application form on the Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform, at ec.europa.eu/odr/. Legal disputes shall be subject to the procedure established by law.
  4. The Rules will come into force from the moment the User confirms their acceptance and will remain in force during the relationship between the User and the Portal Owner.