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Front End Developer

800-2200 €/mėn. Į rankas
Kaunas - UAB „Adeo Web“


We’re hiring front end developer on our frontend team to help develop a B2C/B2B eCommerce system.

  • You’ll be working with modern-frameworks, so you gain vast knowledge of the React, Redux and learn new ECMAScript 2020 capabilities;
  • Will be working with new tools such as GraphQL, ServiceWorkers, typescript;
  • Code Quality is a must for us, we care that every pull-request would pass a eslint, stylelint check in our git repository;
  • We write tests and make sure they are properly supported, you will learn snapshot and unit tests;
  • Will be working on existing solution development, creating new functionalities
  • Implement modern js technologies such as PWA
  • GIT is the place where our work happens and you will continuously collaborate with the team by implementing CI/CD practices for the project.


  • Your team will consists of backenders, frontend guys, PM and a QA guy who checks if everything works. All the workflow is based on Agile methodology so daily stand-ups and other ceremonies will be a common thing for you as well. All the peeps here are result oriented so joining them means helping grow eCommerce B2B / B2C businesses for companies like Topo Centras (part of Euronics group), Lemona, Jysk and other.
  • work in a team to provide efficient solutions to complex tasks using Agile software development approach;
  • create, code and design systems for large size businesses by writing optimized code;
  • constantly challenge and expand your knowledge of reliable software architecture and programming;
  • search and implement modern js technologies such as PWA in Adeo Web projects.
  • Tech stack is just one side of the coin - the right approach to it is a big thing as well. Lean and optimized - it’s the way how your code should look like. On top of that, quality of deliverables is the key to your, our client’s and Adeo Web success.


  • You are self learner. You’ll get the books you need, projects to practice and time for growth as a person and a pro. We just know that when you’re into something, you like to deepen your knowledge even out of the office;
  • You know what is ownership . Although you are just a started in the field, but you own your code, work and words. In general - we’re a bunch of people (or punks) who give a damn about everything we do for our clients and each other;
  • We just love open- minded peeps.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Salary bonus 2x/year
  • Birthdays off work
  • 2nd pillar pension fund covered by company
  • Hybrid work model where you can choose if you want to work between Kaunas/Vilnius office, fully remote or do both;
  • Friendly and ambitions colleagues of course!
  • eLearning platforms, books, training and certificates because you need those;
  • Opportunity to work together and build well known ecommerce brands as: Topo Centras, Trobos, Pegasas, Jysk, Lemona, Eoltas etc


Just press that apply button above or send your cv to We will review your introduction and schedule interview to get to know each other better.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep on rocking! ✌️


800-2200 €/mėn. į rankas

UAB „Adeo Web“

Once an ecommerce business, now a B2B / B2C ecommerce solution provider. Helping our clients to win in the ecom world by building various systems. We’ve been doing this since 2009 and still eager to learn, grow & help!

In ❤️ with these brands and their teams: Topo Centras, Jysk, Lemona, Pegasas, Knygų klubas, Eoltas, Celsis, Tele2, Lenovo, Toshiba and others. Keep growing guys!

A multidisciplinary team of 50+ peeps from Kaunas, Chicago and Stockholm would love to meet you 🙌

P.S. One of our teams’ made a spinoff a few years ago - they are building a password manager 🔑 PassCamp.
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