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UAB „Nanoenergija“

Head of Manufacturing

Nuo 1400 €/mėn. Į rankas
Vilnius - UAB „Nanoenergija“

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About Viezo

We are developing vibration energy harvesting technology and autonomous wireless IoT sensors to enhance the fourth industrial revolution and increase the speed of its adoption.

Our technology is being developed since early 2018, now reached validation of the market, raised cash, and keep acquiring significant accounts, such as Siemens, SKF, Renishaw and others.

We look forward to extend our team within a Head of Manufacturing, who will take over the very important technological part of the startup by planning, designing and implementing the manufacturing process, therefore helping the company grow.

  • you are located outside of Lithuania and cannot relocate there due to C19 or visa travel restrictions;
  • you are not willing to work 50 - 70 hours/week;
  • you have no strong experience in handling the manufacturing processes;

What will you do?

You will be the one, who will create, design, plan, assemble and implement the whole manufacturing process of our startup into the fully functioning line.
Currently, everything is handmade and we are looking to transform it into the fast and reliable process.

Then, when the line will go live - you will be the head of it, making sure that manufacturing aligns with the standards and everything is done with great quality and on time.

  • The number one task for you is going to be to design the most efficient manufacturing line, capable of assembling our product in the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way;
  • Researching the manufacturing market for continuous improvement and implementation of newest ideas in our manufacturing processes;
  • Communicating with our Engineering team in order to fulfil all processes of manufacturing in the correct way;
  • Resolving plenty of mechanical issues;


What will we ask/test during the interview?
  • 5+ year experience in the manufacturing managerial roles;
  • Demonstrable experience in managing the team of people;
  • Higher degree in industrial/mechanical engineering field;
  • ACCURACY & SCRUPULOUSNESS, and we mean it. This is very important and will be tested thoroughly;
  • B1 or higher level of English language;
  • To be conversant with 2D/3D Mechanical design solutions, technical drawing standards;
  • Knowledge of using laboratory and workshop tools;
  • To be conversant with Fusion software;
  • To be honest, bright-minded and goal-oriented team player as we will not tolerate arrogant people in our team.

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What will we offer?
  • Reasonable market-level salary;
  • Stock options;
  • Huge opportunities to grow both - professionally and financially in the explosively-growing startup under booming market segment.

We look forward talking to you, you are very important to us, so let's make this happen!


Nuo 1400 €/mėn. į rankas
UAB „Nanoenergija“

UAB „Nanoenergija“

About Viezo

We are developing vibration energy harvesting technology to power the wireless IoT sensors. This is an incredibly important topic in the Industry 4.0, which is growing in an outstanding pace.

We have been developing this technology and bootstrapping since early 2018, now we reached validation of the market, raised cash, and keep acquiring significant accounts, such as Siemens, Singapore Telecom and others.
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