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Innovative C# Developer


Job description

Before you say that start-ups and banks don’t happen together – challenge us to prove otherwise. In return we will challenge you join the disruptive nature of Mobile Life in Lithuania.

The Team

Mobile Life is a bi-model organization, sponsored by Danske Bank however well outside the typical banking structure. It is a development house with a purpose to disrupt traditional banking and deliver innovative IT solutions directly to customers. The idea is that in all likelihood banking, as we know it will not exist in 10 years. Hence, Mobile Life is relatively small, super agile, “no-titles” team working to discover new ways banks can relate to their customers.

We work with some of the most innovative and advanced technologies. Organized in small teams with full-stack developers in very close contact with our direct business reference. We are 80 dedicated people based in Copenhagen, now extending into Vilnius.

The Mindset

Becoming part of our team is a unique opportunity to work in a set-up characterized by start-up culture, high pace and flat hierarchy and with an overarching customer-focused approach. We expect you together with us, to continue to build an organization where the boarders are invisible, and the differences are strength.

The Projects

We are not a traditional organisation in the sense of having a clear roadmap and hence the team will not be a traditional development team with a defined system to own. We will go and revolutionise any banking area wherever the customers take us. We have started with which serves as entry portal for current and future services.

Your Role

You will work with Backend service integration with Danske Bank’s platform. You develop the logic to tie to the customer facing part of the solutions to API's and services developed on the existing platforms.

You apply Service Oriented Arcitecture (SOA) to design and build for scale, performance and reliability. You understand and have an overview of the business process you are supporting as part of an overall solution. You are part of a pair programming - and pair review culture and we expect you to be able to present your ideas in both small and large settings.


You bring to this position a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Math, Physics or equivalent. You have solid experience working with software engineering within the .Net framework and C#. You are familiar with Domain driven design and Micro service pattern. You are able to both code and architect excellent code and Test driven design is the backbone of your work. You strive to learn new things, combined with keeping your code tidy and SOLID.

Experience with the following is also key:
  • Concurrency, multithreading and distributed systems.
  • Rest API or other service approach and familiarity with Hadoop, HBase, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra or similar NoSQL technologies.
  • Virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies.
  • HTML/CSS is desirable.
  • Ruby, GitHub and UNIX development a plus.
  • Testing suites and Unit tests on the frameworks listed above.

Your greatest assets are your abilities to collaborate with many different types of people, challenge ideas and come with even better ones supported by your technological foundation - and last but not least to put the customers first and let solutions be driven by understanding their needs and ecosystems.

You are a great communicator with strong social skills and you are able to work together with diverse group of personalities and professional backgrounds - developers, designers, analysts and strategists.

You are able to work autonomously in an innovative, slim and agile organisation with the mandate to move fast and do things differently - e.g. test with the customer, start before having ‘all the answers’ and dare to fail and learn. Refactoring not only does not scare you, you push for it when needed.


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