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SEB Global Services
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Internship at Market Risk Quants, J. Balčikonio g. 3, Vilnius

Vilnius - SEB Global Services
For future hedge fund managers, future quants and future CRO’s we propose an internship at Market Risk Quants where coding and modelling meet financial markets.

How you’ll make an impact:

At Market Risk Quants you will work with financial derivative contracts which were label as “financial weapons of mass destruction” by Warren Buffett. To name a few: interest rate swaps, swaption, commodity options, etc. Derivative trading is not possible without risk-taking and management, you will learn what are the financial risks and how are they managed professionally.

We are happy to propose the internship assignments related to the statistical tests, Monte Carlo simulations, modelling of commodity risk and much more. Naturally, the assignment will depend on your aspirations and qualifications

Your profile

During the assignment, you will be supported by qualified personnel, get interactions with SEB colleagues in other departments and geographical locations. You will have the possibility to ideate and test your ideas.

To succeed in the assignment you will need:
  • Strong analytical and mathematical background
  • Interested in financial markets
  • Programming skills (preferably Python)
  • Comfortable communicating in English

Sounds like you? Apply today!

Feel free to send in your CV today, but no later than 2020-01-27, using the following link, by clicking the "Apply now" button on the top right of the page.

SEB Global Services

Feeling comfortable with English as a working language? SEB Global Services offers international experience for people of various professional levels, from students and fresh graduates to skilled experts. We’re constantly on the lookout for driven people coming from different professional backgrounds to join teams in various fields, such as finance, customer support, bank operations, HR, IT and more. Our special focus areas are innovative work environment, active internal culture, diverse career paths and work-life balance. Join our Lithuanian team of more than 950 and become a part of our highly professional and friendly community.

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