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Network engineer

From 2470 eur/mon. Gross
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Vilnius - UAB „TELE2“


Tele2 Lithuania Technical Department invites you to join the team as Network Engineer, Mobile Data.

Your main duties will be:
  • support end to end production network and solutions;
  • design and test operations for all platforms or services being introduced into Tele2 mobile internet networks in the Baltic States;
  • perform diagnostic investigation into complex customer-impacting network issues to resolve and identify root causes;
  • monitor traffic development and system load;
  • plan and execute capacity expansions;
  • ensure that expert level support is available on a 24x7 basis ("on call rotation");
  • collaborate with representatives from Tele2 offices in the Baltic States and telecommunication vendors to achieve necessary result.

This vacancy is for you if you have:

  • 3 - 5+ years of experience in engineering or operations within the telecommunications or similar industry;
  • experience of implementation or operations of large data or mobile networks;
  • very knowledgeable within TCP/IP, IP routing, firewalling, packet inspection and Cisco / Juniper operating systems;
  • used to working in Unix/Linux environments and have some knowledge in programming and/or scripting;
  • Packet Core experience, including management /operations / troubleshooting experience of SGSNs, MMEs, GGSNs, PGWs will be considered as advantage;
  • OpenStack or VMware virtualization experience will be considered as advantage;
  • self-motivated and able to work independently even under pressure situations;
  • ability to work cross functionally to identify and resolve network faults/issues;
  • fluent English language skills.

Monthly salary (gross) from 2470 eur.
For any further questions, please contact Tele2 CTO Valerij Kovzan .

Kodėl "Tele2"?

There is no such thing as a strict hierarchy in TELE2. We are a big team capable of making fast and, more important, effective decisions. We have the resources to make our ambitious goals to come true. We love to experiment. And this is the only way for crazy to become real. Here in TELE2 we make a house fly or a car roam only on the power of 4G internet... also we compose music out of the mobile data usage. Literally. We are leaders in inventing things. Good things. And we are awarded for that. Twice. This drives us forward.

This place is built on trust. We believe that with the help of technologies you will find a perfect recipe for your work and life balance. Or shall we say, life and work. Such freedom motivates to exceed expectations every day. That’s why salary here is not paid, it’s earned. The greatest thing of being part of our team is that we don‘t stop being a team after the work is done. Together we do sports, travel, celebrate and do good deeds. In the end of the day we are like a family. So no wonder we strongly recommend to join TELE2 family to our friends.

We believe you are the one responsible for the significance of your work in TELE2. The pace of learning here is challenging. The goals are ambitious. But if you ever feel like you have been left on your own, don’t worry. The team is always there to help you in need. But for now – make your own decisions. It‘s TELE2 letting your talent spark and grow. Don’t miss out your chance!


From 2470 eur/mon. gross


Pamiršk, ką žinojai apie mus, nes tai buvo vakar. Pokyčiai ir iššūkiai yra užkoduoti mūsų DNR, nes tik mąstydamas kaip Nr. 1 gali tapti Nr. 1. Mes nuolat keičiame dalykus ir keičiamės patys. Tam reikia drąsos. Tam reikia lankstumo. Atkaklumo veikti. Ir atvirumo. Atrasti, suprasti, priimti. Tam reikia darbo aplinkos, kur turėtum teisę klysti. Išmokti. Bandyti iš naujo. Bet svarbiausia, tam reikia talentingų žmonių. Tokių, kaip tu? ​
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