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VšĮ "Saulės Gojus"
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700–1000 Eur
Vilnius - VšĮ "Saulės Gojus"

Gyvenimas “Saulės gojuje” – tai:

 a caring and welcoming school community;
 a committed staff team;
 happy, enthusiastic and motivated children who enjoy school;
 personalised professional support and training for further career development;
 internal and external training, following the adoption of projects and various internship programs in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and other countries;
 meals 3 times a day;
 free transport to and from school;
 salary 700-1000 Eur after taxes;
 the next school year we start in the new place - Šeimyniškių g. 21B.

Lūkesčiai Jūsų kompetencijai:

 is enthusiastic, creative and shows a warm rapport with children;
 is willing to work with primary school children as an English language specialist in accordance with the CLIL approach;
 is fluent in English and an excellent communicator;
 has a recent teaching experience and higher education;
 is passionate about motivating and inspiring children to learn and in offering the very best opportunities to our children;
 is responsible and assertive, with a calm and positive approach to working with children with high levels of complex needs;
 is able to support teaching staff in providing a stimulating and caring learning environment;
 is able to work as part of a team and on their own initiative;
 is able to adapt and respond to children’s individual emotional and physical needs.


700–1000 Eur taxes excluded
Depends on results
Prospect of increasing

VšĮ "Saulės Gojus"

“Saulės gojus” is the school for the future developers. We are developing personalities, we are not chasing the academic achievements - achievements come to us. We have established the school worthy of our children. In our school children do not suffer from stress, furthermore they are able to learn according to their potential. Our philosophy is based on Howard Gardner's theory of intellectual diversity, which application helps to unlock child’s strengths and talents. Our school blurs the boundary between science and life. The school is a part of children's reality and it should help them to understand that reality.
More information:
Information about VšĮ "Saulės Gojus"
1126 €
Avg. salary gross
(26% higher than LT average)
Number of employees
1-2 mln. €
Revenue 2016 y.
Distribution of employees by salary (before taxes):
25% earn up to 690 €
25% earn 690-1100 €
25% earn 1100-1305 €
25% earn more than 1305 €
Company manager: Laima Sirutienė

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