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Project coordinator

Klaipėda - Atranka360
SUPERDARBDAVYS 2019 III vieta paslaugų kategorijoje

Apie organizaciją

Our client is focused on the deployment of expert teams of welders, fitters, electricians and commissioning technicians for new construction and maintenance projects in heavy industries such as; offshore, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, feed and utilities. We are expanding our marketing force due to company growth and are currently looking for Project coordinator to join our team.

Your responsibilities:

  • Recruit the needed personnel (welders, fitters, electricians or foreman's) needed for our local projects and abroad;
  • Keep in contact with AZ and UA office to schedule there people into the business trips;
  • Send the employees to our testing and training center to do a skill test;
  • Schedule the new employees into the business trips;
  • Keep in contact with the current employees who are working locally or are on business trips;
  • Manage all the day-to-day problems and solve them with our Dutch, Belgium or German office;
  • Be reachable in the weekend by telephone or email for emergencies.

Mes tikimės, kad Jūs:

Requirements for you:

  • Proven experience as a Recruitment Specialist, Recruiter or similar role;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Fluent written and verbal communications skills in English;
  • Team spirit and strong personality;
  • Strong problem solving skills and task oriented;
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively;
  • Ability to work in a fast paced and team environment.


  • A collaborative environment with engaged and supportive colleagues all over the world;
  • Opportunity to grow in an informal style of communication and management environment that is constantly looking for great team players and leaders to take;
  • Salary meeting your experience and skills within the currently established work environment.

“If you want to oversee the whole process from recruitment, employing the people, send them to business trips and schedule the people back after holiday, so you are welcome to apply for this job :)”
III vieta paslaugų kategorijoje


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