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UAB „Bitė Lietuva“
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Quality Assurance Specialist

Vilnius - UAB „Bitė Lietuva“

Your responsiblities:

  • Partner with developers to come up with strategies for testing software components
  • Identify, fix and report actionable bugs quickly
  • Create & implement clear, concise test scenarious
  • Execute manual and write automated tests with mainstream tools such as selenium
  • You are familiar with automation techniques e.g. using mocks for functional testing (?)
  • Work with a team to gather necessary information to assure the QA coverage, and also provide feedback on quality issues
  • Work with internal teams to set their priorities and remove their roadblocks to make sure sufficient coverage is done for the release
  • Partner up with developers in taking a quality-led approach to development.

A suitable candidate:

  • Have a degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience
  • 2+ years of experience in software/testing
  • QA engineer who has examples of technical challenges, which has encountered recently and is able to explain them clearly
  • A person who is able to make sensible assumptions and don’t need hand-holding
  • Strong communication skills with different stakeholders;
  • Genuine interest in the field & willingness to learn every day

BITĖ Offers:

  • Highly competitive senior level salary and health insurance benefits
  • Courses, seminars and other ways to sharpen your skills
  • Fun, helpful and dynamic environment, exploiting modern working methods and tools
  • Sky-high career opportunities
  • Truly important role with a full ownership of the product
UAB „Bitė Lietuva“

UAB „Bitė Lietuva“

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BITĖS stiprybė – mūsų žmonės. Sumanūs, motyvuoti, kūrybiški, iniciatyvūs, siekiantys tobulėti ir būti geriausi savo srityje. Nuolat augame ir plečiame savo pozicijas, todėl mums reikia pastiprinimo. Jei siekti tikslų kartu su TOP darbdaviu 2018 tau skamba patraukliai, tuomet norime su Tavimi susipažinti.

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