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FuturePros programme is dedicated to students, recent graduates or reskilled specialists. We want you to develop professionally and grow with us. Therefore you will start with actual real-life projects from the very first day, guided by senior colleagues and former participants’ of FuturePros.

If you are into IT, business analytics, finance, or business development, this programme is for you!

We promise your training will always be hands-on & cutting-edge, delivered by true experts from Denmark and Lithuania, and immediately put into practice. We also offer flexible working hours to accommodate educational dedication for those who still study and provide a sense of community, network, and special social activities.

Read more about FuturePros on danskebank.lt/fp


  • Right from the beginning, you will be assigned separate areas of responsibility. To develop your skills faster, you will partner closely with your senior colleagues and business decision-makers
  • As a student working in IT infrastructure & development, business analysis, data science, risk management, financial markets, or other areas, you will deal with end-to-end development in Agile teams i.e., perform requirements analyses, monitor markets, perform risk assessments, develop architecture and design, do reviews, automation, programming, put solutions into operation. You will have an opportunity to choose between technologies to work with - Java, .NET (C#), JavaScript, PL1, COBOL, Python, Powershell, SQL, SAS, Angular, React, Windows, and other

We Offer:
  • You will work under a temporary 1-year job contract (with a possibility to prolong it to 2 years) as a Student with the opportunity to develop your career further within Danske Bank and within 24 months join as a permanent junior employee
  • You will take part in a number of training activities, and meetups exceptionally planned for FuturePros participants
  • You will be offered competitive salary, respective to the number of hours you choose to work (full time being 1500 EUR gross)
  • We care about your well-being and work-life balance, so we offer a whole package of benefits for you in addition! Check this out.


  • You are a recent graduate, reskilled or currently studying IT, computer science, physics, business management, finance, or related fields
  • Analytical thinking, problem-solving, and coding (if you are interested in a software developer position) are your superpowers
  • New challenges and opportunities motivate you, and you are always keen to learn
  • You are fluent in English (at least B2 is expected) and have great communication skills
  • You can participate in our assessment centers, happening in the period from May 25th till June 25th, and start working from July 1st

Please apply and send us your CV by May 16th.
Afterwards, you will receive an invite to your email to fill in a survey asking for some additional details (e.g., your profile, motivation, technologies known) as well as submit a short (1 minute) video about your background and personality – where do you come from, what have you done so far as well as what superpowers will help you to succeed in Danske Bank Lithuania. After we evaluate all applicants, we will reach out to you by the end of May.
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Danske Bank Global Services Lithuania

“Danske Bank Global Services Lithuania (GSL) is home to 2000+ employees who work in global teams of Danske Bank Group. Professionals in Lithuania specialize in more than 20 different areas, delivering value services and innovation to Danske Bank’s customers in the Nordics.
Our areas of expertise range from customer service delivery (markets, transaction banking, daily banking, consulting for large and corporate customers, etc.) to business support functions (legal, finance, risk management, procurement, HR) and business development (Sunday.dk, June.dk).”

Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania

„Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania (DGITL) is core strategic IT site with 1000+ professionals bringing high quality IT services & innovation in banking products and services development and for all Danske Bank Group.
Working in global teams, with colleagues in Nordic countries, we ownership and develop variety of ideas: from internal cloud, data centers, banking advice tools to customer facing award winning solutions. More than 30 teams in Lithuania work on IT infrastructure in Danske Bank and in digital product development.
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