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Ultimate Wordpress developer

6-12 eur/hour Gross
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Work from home - MB „DEVERANG“

Job description

Simply put:
Wordpress based websites and plugins creation from scratch and existing projects maintenance and updates.

Worldwide museums and events with booth and tickets payment systems.

Longterm remote job.
Preferably candidates should be from Klaipeda and it's region but will consider from anywhere too, even other planets and galaxies :)

Reikalavimai darbuotojui

Must have skills:
1. Good English
2. Knows how to turn on pc
3. Knows how to turn off pc
4. Knows how to be patient, persistent, collaborative friendly and is willing to learn.
5. Likes challenges
6. Has heard about PHP and wordpress universe
7. Knows how to work and has a good motivation to do so
8. Likes to work in small teams
9. Human for other humans

Nice to have skills:
1. OOP knowledge
2. TDD knowledge
3. Symfony/Laravel knowledge
4. Likes to watch anime, movies, tv series
5. Knows what to do on free time (My precious....)
6. Music maniac

We offer

We are a small team of developers and we focus in collaboration work to fill each other gaps in knowledge to fulfill client requests as professionally as possible. We work with Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, Angular, Vue.js, GIT, partly with wordpress and now we need a hand from a really good wordpress professional :)

So we offer to join our tribe and try your guts with serious challenges!


6-12 eur/hour gross
Work in B2B.


Deverang - entuziastinga ir maksimalių rezultatų siekianti IT profesiolanų komanda, kuri savo klientų norams teikia didžiausią prioritetą.
Dirbdami tarptautiniuose projektuose sukaupėme patirtį, kurios dėka galime atlikti sudėtingiausius projektus, taip sukurdami ilgalaikę ir glaudžią partnerystę su savo klientais.

Pagrindinės mūsų veiklos sritys: verslo valdymo sistemu kurimas ir tobulinimas, mobilių programėlių kūrimas, node.js programavimas, PHP programavimas ir kitos programavimo paslaugos.

Patenkinti klientai ir kokybiškai suteiktos paslaugos – pagrindinis Deverang tikslas!

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