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Avg. time Bounce rate 2 569 000 500 712 00:05:17 34.43% 444 157 186 922 00:03:29 43.05% 369 336 135 572 00:03:56 42.56% 152 658 73 610 00:02:59 43.97%
Data source:, Jul 2021 - Jun 2022 period data
Data source:, Jul 2021 - Jun 2022 period data
Applicants amount
in different
Administration/work safety 70
Customer service/Services 57
Marketing/advertising 54
Trade/retail 50
Warehousing 50
Sales 49
Transport driving 49
Design/architecture 48
Management/quality management 46
Media/communication 46
Transport/logistics management 45
Real estate 44
Human resources 41
Buying/supply 39
Medicine/pharmacy 37
Training/education/culture 37
Insurances 36
Catering 32
Export 29
Security services 27
Finance/accounting/banking 27
Manufacturing 27
Law 26
Public administration/civil service 26
Information technology 23
Construction 20
Energetics/electronics 17
Engineering/mechanics 16
Agriculture 16
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Job ad renew
Background image for branding your ads
Video in the ad for presenting company / workplace
Map on the ad - showing location of your office
Company information from
Flexible salary input
Customizable field titles
Job ad editing (except job title and city)
Setting data and time of job ad activation
Statistics: how many viewed, applied, saved an ad or are interested in
Additional e-mail for working together with colleague
Additional cities (within 50 km radius) in the job ad
Quality SVG logo possibility
Online interview tag visible for applicants

Administration of applicants

Applicant evaluation, messages, CV forwarding and etc.
"Questions to applicants" - convenient preselection
"Applicant history" - previous experience with an applicant
"Autoreply" - your custom reply to every applicant
Applicants' submission with your GDPR rules
"Interested" job seekers - see who views your ad
Salary, experience and ratings information on applicants' list

CV database

Search in CV database
E-mail subscription of the newest CVs
"Saved CVs" - for storing selected CVs


Free participation in conferences
Ads' and usage statistics accessible for employers


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Advertisement in the news portal 15min
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VIP promotion services for job ads
Individual integration solutions
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